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一、Identify true and false MT5 platform

1、Fake MT5, the downloaded data size is generally within 4M.

The download data size of legitimate MT5 server should be above 4M.

2、Installation interface language selection menu, original interface, optional language less, no company LOGO.

The legitimate MT5 software language has as many as 26 optional menus, the software will display the company LOGO, the interface is more beautiful.

3、The help menu doesn't have a 'about' section, so the company's registration information can't be displayed.

Legitimate MT5 platform in the "help" menu at the bottom, there is a "about" column, opened after showing the company's registered address, the company's registered website, the company's customer service email, but the fake MT5 these are not, because the black platform is unable to register.

4、No data center, very few servers.The fake platform does not have access to the data center, nor does it have the technical capability.

The legitimate MT5 server has a data center, there are multiple servers in the world, and there are multiple standby servers.

5、Fake MT5 servers often go offline and are very unstable.

The legitimate MT5 server never drops, very stable.Now many black platforms put servers in Hong Kong or China, using fast Internet speeds and fast trading operations to deceive investors.And normal MT5 server is in foreign registration, loading speed is not fast, but can ensure the transaction, and very stable.

6、Fake MT5 software does not have copyright chart, only MT5 original chart, and the legitimate MT5 platform in the original MT5 platform on the basis of the copyright chart, because the formal brokers and MT5 companies have cooperated.


MT5 platform whether the legitimate is directly related to the company's formal, but now fake platform technology is also in the constant development, some aspects of the above six can be done to distinguish the genuine from the genuine, so we had better be a comprehensive 6 to make a judgment, to protect their own rights and interests.

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