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Precious metals, commonly used to refer to gold, silver and platinum, which are expensive, aesthetically pleasing, chemically stable and have a strong ability to hold their value, are priced in dollars and therefore move quite closely with the GREENBACK.

Precious metals Investments in precious metals, especially gold, are usually a hedge by investors in order to preserve and increase the value of their assets in the face of negative economic prospects.

Hong Kong, London and the United Kingdom are the world's three largest gold markets, with active daily trading.In addition to these markets, there are smaller and more influential markets such as Zurich, Frankfurt, Australia, Japan and Singapore.

Factors influencing precious metals

Supply relationship

Supply and demand is the fundamental factor affecting the price of precious metals, supply exceeds demand, price falls, supply exceeds supply, price rises.

The dollar

The us dollar is the marked currency in the international precious metal market, and the precious metal is also the alternative investment tool of the US dollar assets, so it is negatively correlated with the price of the precious metal.


Precious metals never lose their value.Thus, gold can be used as a proxy for eternity.The most obvious manifestation of this is that in an age of inflation, paper currencies, for example, depreciate because of inflation, whereas precious metals do not.

The price of crude oil

Crude oil is one of the most important commodities in the international commodity market.The significance of oil for gold is that higher oil prices will drive inflation, thus highlighting the inflation-fighting value of precious metals.


Major international political and war events will affect precious metals prices.Governments paying for war or to keep the domestic economy afloat, and large Numbers of investors turning to precious metals to maintain their value, will increase demand for precious metals and stimulate prices.

Trading advantage

*Market volume is huge

*5*24h trading, T+0 two-way operation

* The optional lever is up to 400:1

Risk Warning:

The information on this site is general product information and does not take into account your personal investment goals, financial position or needs.Index trading involves high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.Your trading loss may exceed your original investment.You do not own the underlying product.The content of this website does not constitute investment advice.Ask for independent professional advice before deciding to open an account.
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