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What is a contract for Difference?

Contracts for Difference (CFD) is a financial derivative that allows you to trade changes in the price of underlying financial assets, such as foreign exchange, stock indices and equities.

This is an agreement between a trader and a supplier to exchange the difference in value between an asset's opening and its closing.When trading CFDS, you do not actually have the asset or financial instrument to choose to trade, but you can still make a profit if the market moves in line with your expectations and lose money if they do not.

CFDS are leveraged products, meaning you only need to put in a fraction of the full value of the trade to establish a position.This is called margin trading.While margin trading magnifies your gains, it also magnifies losses because they are calculated at the full value of your position, meaning that your losses may exceed any invested capital.

To trade contracts for difference for over 10,000 products

Our award-winning CFD trading platform allows you to trade over 10,000 global products with competitive margin and margin rates.The spread on major currency pairs was as low as 0.7 points, while the spread on major stock indexes was as low as 1 point.

Asset classes Product quantity
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Low differential points to
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Margin rates are low
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Contracts for differences Foreign currency 348 0.7  0.20%
Contracts for differencesThe index 116 1.0  0.20%
Contracts for differences stock 9746 0.10% 1 1%
Contracts for differences bond 51 0.25%

1A commission is charged on the execution of an order when a stock CFD is traded.Commissions as low as 0.10% or 2 cents per share (U.S. and Canadian listed stocks)

Risk Warning:

The information on this site is general product information and does not take into account your personal investment goals, financial position or needs.Index trading involves high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.Your trading loss may exceed your original investment.You do not own the underlying product.The content of this website does not constitute investment advice.Ask for independent professional advice before deciding to open an account.
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