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What is foreign exchange trading? 

The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market, involving Banks, companies, financial institutions and retail investors.The foreign exchange market is also the largest financial market in the world by turnover.The average daily trading volume in the global foreign exchange market is about $5.3tn (according to the Bank for International Settlements in April 2013), far more than in equity and futures markets combined, and growing rapidly year on year.With such a huge amount of trading volume, no individual institution can completely control the market trend. It is the most fair and transparent trading market in the world.Investors can buy and sell currencies in response to rapid market changes, thus attracting a large number of investors to trade and invest in the foreign exchange market.


Why chooseFloss LimitedTrading foreign exchange?  

The number of tradable currency pairs exceeds 40

Flexible deal size

Enter the market through desktop, web or mobile platforms

Available from 23:00 CET on Sunday to 23:00 CET on Friday

Develop and deploy your own trading strategy

Low margin requirement

Free daily and intraday market research and commentary

Risk Warning:

The information on this site is general product information and does not take into account your personal investment goals, financial position or needs.Index trading involves high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.Your trading loss may exceed your original investment.You do not own the underlying product.The content of this website does not constitute investment advice.Ask for independent professional advice before deciding to open an account.
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