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Q: How do I insert chart metrics?

Answer: Follow the following steps:

1)On the top menu bar, select insert indicator.

2)You can also insert metrics from the navigation section.


Q: How to evade firewall protection?

A: Disable your anti-virus firewall application MetaTrader 3 and open port 1950.Those requesting MetaTrader 4 open port 443.


Q: How do I create trend lines and other lines of research?

Q: How do I create trend lines and other lines of research?:

1)On the top menu bar, select Insert

2)Choose the desired trend line.

3)When the mouse button is released, an image icon with a crosshair for the selected trendline appears.Use the mouse to place the crosshair over the selected chart.Click and hold the mouse to resize the trend line.

The shortcut for Line Research can also be quickly accessed by clicking on the "Browse" toolbar line Research, so that the icon appears right under the menu bar.


Q: How do I display a bar chart?

A: In the menu bar at the top, select 'Chart Bar' or use the keyboard shortcut (Alt+1).


Q: How do I get account information and daily transactions on Metatrader?

A: Please use the TERMINAL section of the platform.If you do not open this section, you can browse TERMINAL or use the keyboard shortcut Cntrl+ T.


Follow these steps:

In the terminal section, select Account History Marker.

This flag shows you the history of your account and can also be printed for convenience.

Right click anywhere in this section.

Select Save as Report.(It can also be saved as an HTML document, which can be converted into an Excel document for record-keeping.)


Q: How to display candlestick diagrams?

A: On the top menu bar, select 'Chart candlestick' or use the keyboard shortcut (Alt+2).


Q: Can I use the MetaTrader API on your system?Can this be done on a mini/mock account first?

A: Yes, you can start with a mock account if you wish.Typically, specific terms and conditions apply to application program interfaces' access to real systems.Make sure you discuss your project with an FXDD representative so that they can help you.



Q: How do I display a line graph?

A: On the top menu bar, select 'Chart Line' or use the keyboard shortcut (Alt+3).


Q: How do you zoom in or out of the chart?

Answer: Follow these steps:


1)Make sure the Charts toolbar is enabled

2)Next, select the ICONS for reasonable actions located under the menu bar, namely '+' and '-‘.

3)Select one of the two ICONS to zoom in or out.


Alternatively, use a keyboard shortcut for this feature.Zoom in (Shift +) and pull out (-).


Q: Does the MetaTrader platform help with mini hand (10K) trading?

A: Yes, you can use the MetaTrader platform for mini hand (10K) trading.


Here is the range of hand sizes we use on Metatrader:

0.01手=1,000Units of the benchmark currency (or DOLLAR) are our "super mini" hand.

0.10手=10,000Unit reference currency (or DOLLAR) our "mini" hand.

1.00手=100,000Unit reference currency (or US dollar) our "standard" hand.


Q: I have downloaded the platform.How do I log into my real account to trade?

A: The user should have received the email notification of account approval, indicating the login name and password (that is, the login name is "81234" and the password is "XXXXX").This is the account information of your real account.If you downloaded the platform, open the login screen.Note that the screen that opens asks you to open an account.You can exit this screen by clicking "X".


When you log in, select File Login and type your login name and password.

The server field has a drop-down menu. Select the following server:‘FXDD-MT5 Live Server 2 - FXDD’。

Listen for the sound of "ding". Your account will appear in the upper left corner of the platform.

If you see the price move in Market Watch and the correct balance is displayed in the terminal section, it indicates that you have successfully logged into your real account.If you encounter problems while logging in, please send email toceo@flossfx.com 。


Q: How do I change my password on MetaTrader?

A: Take the following steps:


On the top menu bar, select Tools Options or keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+O).

Under the Server icon, select Modify.

Enter the current password in the Current Password text field.

Check the box under "Change master password".

Enter the new password in the New Password text field.

Retype the new password in the second confirm text field.


Q: How do You choose the language?

A: On the top menu bar, select Browse Language and select your preferred language.Then close the platform and reopen the program.


Q: What keyboard shortcuts are available to display different Windows on the platform?

A: The most commonly used keyboard shortcuts are:


Ctrl+M=Market observation window

Ctrl+N=A terminal window

Ctrl+T=A terminal window


Q: How do I view all the currency pairs provided by FXDD?

A: In the Market Watch window, right-click and select 'Show All' to view all currency pairs that can be traded.All currency pairs can then be displayed.


Q: How do I display high/low prices in the Market Watch window?

A: In the Market Watch window, follow these steps to display high/low prices:


Right click (any section) in the Market Watch window

Choose "high"/" low ".(The high and low prices for each currency pair of the day will then appear.)


Q: Can you guide the creation of diagrams?What are the options?

A: Yes, the MetaTrader 4 platform is one of the most advanced on the market, especially with graphics options and packages.


Using the Help Topics option under the Help menu (press F1), mark the "Start working with charts" section.This section should be a good place to start.


You can change the overall appearance of the diagram (" Menu Bar "-" Diagram "-" Properties ").You can change the color of the background, foreground, table, and so on.You can scroll the edges of the chart window to resize the chart, and drop down mouse buttons to resize the chart.


Q: How do I modify the display time period of a MetaTrader chart?

A: To add a time limit to the main menu bar, select "Browse Toolbar"."Cycles" (if needed).Use the following legend to apply the time limit to the diagram:


M1=1 minute chart

M5=A five-minute chart

M15=A 15-minute chart

M30=A 30-minute chart

H1=1 hour chart

H4=A 4-hour chart

D1=Table daily figure

W1=The weekly chart

MN=Monthly chart


Q: Does Metatrader 4.0 have a user guide?

A: Yes, choose "Help help Theme" on the platform or you can download it here.Please note that we have webinars to help you understand what this platform does.If you would like to participate in these webinars, please email the sales department.



Q: What is the time zone on Metatrader?Can this time be adjusted?

A: Daylight saving time, the customer's MetaTrader time is GMT+3 (GMT+3 hours, Beijing time + 5 hours).Unfortunately, the time on the MetaTrader platform cannot be changed.We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Q: How do I open another mock account on MetaTrader?

A: Take the following steps:


Select "File to Open an Account" from the platform

Fill in the requested information (be sure to tick the box "I agree to subscribe to your newsletter")

Select Next (on the server page)

Select "Next" (note that your username and password will be displayed)

Select "Done”

This software will allow you to automatically log in to your new mock account and view it in the navigation window.


Q: What are the factors that affect the traffic in your program?

A: The amount of traffic output depends on the activity of the user and is quite small.The amount of traffic entered depends directly on the number of chart Windows open.


Q: Can I receive warnings by E-mail?

A: Follow these steps to create an E-mail warning in MetaTrader 4:


The setup of all Simple Mail Delivery protocols (SMTP) varies with the Internet service provider.If you receive an error message, contact your Internet service provider for technical support and ask them to set up the simple mail delivery protocol.If you are using Outlook, you can choose to cancel when the Next Modification to your Tools Email Account is complete) for simple mail delivery protocol Settings.


Select Tool Options.

Select the "Email" icon.

Edit the above Settings according to the requirements of your Internet service provider.In general, light red text is the general guideline you should log in to.Please contact your Internet service provider for details.(Note: Unusable Web email services include Hotmail,Yahoo,Gmail, etc.)

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server - This is your Internet Service provider's mail server address

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