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Company profile

Floss Limited Founded in 2016, the English name is:Floss Limited,Headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Floss Limited To serve the value of global index futures investment, it USES the most advanced international bridge device, which can not only execute in milliseconds, but also the non-trader platform execution mode is the best in the whole industry.Floss Limited It is also the choice of confidence trusted by many users at home and abroad. In the process of providing relevant services, it has always maintained strict industry discipline and provided 100% quality service to customers.Invest in global index, quality platform selection Floss Limited!

Our strengths

The company offers a powerful trading platform where you can trade instantly on real-time charts and set up a variety of orders, stop losses and limit orders to manage your portfolio.

Complete STP model platform, customer orders are seamless to the international market, trading more transparent and fair.

Professional online customer service and personal account managers are available 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Implement the world's highest business management standards, strictly protect customer funds, and 100% secure segregated accounts to ensure that every customer funds are protected.

It provides trading of major stock index futures, commodity futures and major digital currencies, covering dozens of commodities such as Dow Jones Index, Hang Seng Index, crude oil and CSI 500

Our mission

To provide customers with a stable, reliable trading environment and trading platform.

To provide multi-language support services to customers to help customers investment value.

To provide clients with competitive spreads and low transaction costs of investment products and trading services intermediary.

Our mission

In the industry to establish a good image, increasingly innovative, constantly seek knowledge, and customers and harmonious communication.

With professional quality, professional attitude, to provide customers with timely, accurate and perfect investment information.

Put the interests of customers in the first place, sincere hospitality, with reliable professional spirit, win the trust of customers.

Risk Warning:

The information on this site is general product information and does not take into account your personal investment goals, financial position or needs.Index trading involves high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.Your trading loss may exceed your original investment.You do not own the underlying product.The content of this website does not constitute investment advice.Ask for independent professional advice before deciding to open an account.
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